This Exploration

This site will serve three purposes: part diary of things I want to experience or explore, sharing what is happening in my community, and a few random thoughts I want to explore. In short, this blog is about my exploration of my life. Because #LifeIsGOOD!

There are some different types of posts you can expect:

  • Community – about non-profits, projects in the community, and how we can give back. (#CauseyBot)
  • Happy Makers – there are things that make me happy, they include good food, good drink, good people, and other random things that make me go: Yay!. (#HappyMakers)
  • Random Roulette – topics that popped up and I want to explore but am not sure needs a place to live – yet.

If you want to learn more about me or contact and connect with me – I hope you will. I hope you will also join in the conversation and share your experiences with me too!