Happy Makers List

Everything on this list, just the prospect of doing these things, make me happy! It’s the result of realizing that there are small and big things that happen… and they help you live a little more.

Hammocks are Happy Makers

Hammocks are Happy Makers

  1. Attend an ACL recording
  2. Alamo quote-a-long
  3. American Lung Association The Fight For Air Climb!
  4. Ask bartender Bad Billy Hankey to invent a drink for me at Second Bar + Kitchen
  5. Attend author readings at Bookpeople and/or Bookwoman
  6. Austin Film Festival
  7. B Scene 
  8. Blue Star Drive-In
  9. Blues on Green on Zilker
  10. Canopy Zipline Tour – cypressvalleycanopytours.com
  11. Chicken shit bingo
  12. Disc golf
  13. Drag Queen Bingo
  14. Eat at Gourdoughs at 230am
  15. Eeyore’s Bday
  16. Enchanted Rock
  17. Experience an unselfish act
  18. Fado’s trivia night
  19. Go have an ice cream soda at the candy store on South Congress
  20. Gus Fruth Park
  21. Lukenbach trip
  22. Master Pancake gets one more chance
  23. O. Henry Pun Off
  24. Pole dancing class
  25. Red’s (Shooting Range, not Porch)
  26. Roller derby
  27. Sit at 4 Seasons to watch the bats
  28. Skating at Whole Foods balcony
  29. Skydiving
  30. The Chinati Hot Springs
  31. TX Book Festival
  32. Umlauf Sculpture Garden
  33. Visit Green Gate and/or Boggy Creek farms
  34. Watch two movies that will scare the hell out of me (THE SHINING, EVIL DEAD)
  35. Yoga in the park
  36. Buy cowboy boots
  37. Rowing at dawn
  38. Go to Cadillac Ranch

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