How we communicate – the tools, the methods, the resources, the people.

#SupportJournalism: We need it.

I have always been a fan of non-profit media. I have always been a fan of journalism… REAL journalism. And though I have not written about this experience we collectively share about what is happening in our country right now, I am imploring anyone reading this to support journalism.

At some point (we can debate about when and why later – right now it’s irrelevant) journalism gave way to the click-bait… the soundbite… the immediacy of posting something rather than being late to break the story. Journalism that told a story by seeking out the facts,  sharing the different points of view, and committed to having corroboration is not what most of the “news” is today.

nyt the truth...Today we have a society with the attention span of a gnat. The Tweets or soundbites become the “news of the day”. When we live in a society where the concept of needing to Fact Check Tweets, speeches, and White House press briefings, we are in trouble. And the people who most need to be paying attention, in my non-humble opinion, to the fact checking aren’t paying attention to the fact checking. But they might start to pay attention when media starts telling the deeper story. And that isn’t going to get any easier in the coming years.

I am imploring you: #SupportJournalism.

Real journalism, with a commitment to digging into the story and reporting what the story is, doesn’t regurgitate what an advertiser paid them to say, what their leadership’s personal political agenda is, or what’s easy to throw on a site to ensure they are the “first one on the scene”.

Become a subscriber, make a donation to non-profit media, turn news subscriptions into the new birthday/wedding/Father’s Day/etc. gift. Support news media, share with me how you’re doing it with the hashtag #SupportJournalism. I want to know what you’re supporting and why.

This country, state, city is our community. It’s our responsibility, but if we’re not informed, we can’t contribute.


No one keeps an Instagram or Facebook post

In those moments when we rush to share the meaningful and the flashes of gratitude, love, and joy in our lives with each other on social media, please don’t forget to document that history in real life too.



When your kids, parents, friends, or lovers look back, it’s not the Instagram or Facebook post that they will keep – it’s the notecard, the photo, the popsicle stick with a date written on it. These tangible mementos mean something – they mean that we lived, loved, and connected with each other in real life.

I still believe that for the meaningful things in our lives, Tangible will still trump Digital.

Nothing is Impossible

Nelson Mandela has died. It was bound to happen; he is human after all. But that doesn’t make it any less surreal.

There are people in the world who have been lauded as being an example that it is possible to be the best of who humans could be – giving, willing to stand for his beliefs, sacrifice in the name of what is right, the ability forgive more than anyone else could bear to, and the strength to persevere. Mandela was one of those people.

I would have loved to have had dinner with him, met him, or stood in the same room as him. It will have to be enough that I have been alive in a time when his life and who he was could inform a little of the person I should strive to be. It will have to be enough that Nelson Mandela serves as a reminder that nothing is impossible – unless we let it be. 

Nelson Mandela