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April 2014 – Austin Digital Jobs Group Event List

This list is in support the Austin Digital Jobs group. If you have events that would be good for these job- and project-seekers, please message me with the details included in the listings below and a link to learn more/purchase tickets. Thanks!

If you are looking for recurring events, please visit the Almost Monthly Meetings page.

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April 28-30

Tuesday, April 29
OWASP Austin chapter meeting – 1130AM-1PM
Title: Covert Hacking and Application Testing with Raspberry Pi
Abstract: The $35 Raspberry Pi is a wonder device on the cheap! But the security impact of this cheap and powerful equipment with its tiny footprint is equally interesting. In this session you will learn how the Pi can be used as a covert, field-friendly hacking platform for less than $100 total. The talk will address both attack and defense scenarios against the device. We will also discuss some of the applications for Pi around application security and penetration testing. @ National Instruments

Advance Notice
Thursday, May 8
BASHH (Big Ass Social Happy Hour) – 6-1130PM
C’mon… you know this. @ The Brew Exchange

Almost Monthly Meetings for ADJ Members

Some groups or organizations host monthly or bi-monthly or “aprox. every three weeks” meetings. If you find you have a favorite, it’s a good idea to subscribe to their posts as I will likely miss one or two. In addition, if you see one that would be beneficial to the job- and project-seekers from the Austin Digital Jobs Facebook group, please send me a message with the info outlined below for inclusion.  Thanks!

  • AUSOME – Austin Online Marketing for Entrepreneurs – Our monthly meetings (first Weds.) feature top notch speakers, excellent networking and a laid back group ready to help each other out.  We cover topics like Adwords, Affiliate Programs, Email Marketing, SEO, Conversion Optimization, Mobile Optimization and much much more.
  • Ask The Recruiter ForumAsk The Recruiter forums occur the first Monday of every month with a different recruiting guest. This is an open Q&A forum for job seekers and career changers, maximum 10 people to keep the exchange intimate. ($)
  • Network After Work Networking Events for Professionals events are created for professionals who want to expand their network and create new business opportunities. Events draw a diverse mix of professionals from all industries and career levels and provide a relaxed atmosphere for professionals to market themselves and or/their company with some of each city’s top business professionals. Upon entering, guests receive a color-coded name tag by industry that will allow for easy navigation. Complimentary cocktails and appetizers are provided for the first hour. ($)
  • genetically unemployable is a group of individuals that have at least one thing in common … having a J-O-B is not an option. our moto is: dream it. build it. live it. as a community, we can mentor each other and ask those really tough questions to get new answers. every three weeks on a tuesday night at the brass house around 6pm.
  • Austin Design and Visual Arts Network (ADVAnet) is a group for designers and visual artists of all types, including professionals, job seekers, students, and those curious about getting into the field. We usually meet once a week, with two meetings a month during the day, and two or three meetings in the evening.
  • Refresh Austin is an organization of Web professionals working together to foster new ideas and refresh the creative, technical and professional aspects of their trade. The Web Design Meetup is set up to funnel new Austin web professionals into Refresh Austin.
  • Austin TechBreakfast is a “show and tell” format event where up to five different technologists will demo their technologies from a wide range of industries ranging from software to hardware, IT to Biotech, robotics to space tech. The event is “triple agnostic”. We don’t care if the technology is from a start up, a large company, a university, a government agency, or someone’s hobby. We are also agnostic as to the industry of the tech – it could be IT, biotech, robotics, aerospace, materials sciences, anything tech and innovative is cool.
Orange Circles.

March 2014 – Austin Digital Jobs Group Event List

This list was put together to support the Austin Digital Jobs group. Each month will get a page, updated weekly (additions flagged) and prior weeks’ events deleted. If you have events that would be good for these job- and project-seekers, please message me with the details included in the listings below and a link to learn more/purchase tickets. Thanks!

Orange Circles.

brought to you in support of the Austin Digital Jobs.

NOTE: Since this is SXSW, I am going to forgo listing the SXSW stuff, rather only list the events that aren’t related to SXSW (official or unofficial).

March 24-31

Wednesday, March 26
85 Broads Austin Chapter
– 530-730PM
Invest in Yourself – 85 Broads is a leading professional women’s networking organization committed to the economic empowerment of women globally. The new Austin Chapter of 85 Broads is a dynamic forum in which women at all stages of their career can grow and experience fellowship. @ Departure Lounge 

New! AustinApi – 7pm – 9pm
Beers, soft drinks and water provided.Agenda:- Pre-talk social time, start talks by 7:30- Recap of last meetup- Rules of engagement for new attendees. Speaker: Everett Toews, Developer Advocate @Rackspace- API-related jobs available from members- Post-talks social time @ uShip Inc