About Narissa

Narissa Johnson

That’s me!

I am a communications, community relations, and organizational strategist in Austin, Texas.

I began my career at Highway 1, a Washington, DC non-profit organization, working with information technology companies and the federal government. I followed this experience in the corporate world – private technology and market intelligence companies – developing outreach and channel marketing programs and managing client accounts. When I moved to Austin I returned to the non-profit sector to change how people view the more challenging issues we as a community face.

Today, I bring the experience garnered through my work with both non-profit and for-profit organizations to each project I engage in, including:

  • message and brand development,
  • strategic outreach and communications campaigns,
  • identifying community partners to align resources and goals with, and
  • organizational strategy and design.

I believe in community. We choose where we live because our lives are better for being there. I believe we can all benefit our communities and create change by being engaged and giving back. Therefore, I believe I have a responsibility to give back to my community – and it makes me happy!

I am active with the nonprofit community in Austin – and have been since moving to the city. Currently, I am a City Council appointed Commissioner on the City of Austin’s Technology & Telecommunications Commission and was elected to the Program Committee at KOOP Radio. I am one of the founders of the KarmaBadgers – a group of friends who volunteer with nonprofits in Austin. The KarmaBadgers like to say “Volunteering is the New Happy Hour!”