Embark on Change – it’s in the Air

I’m in Miami for Independent Sector’s Embark!

Sitting here in a 38th floor apartment, wrapping up things so that I can focus on the conference for the next few days, I have to say: I am really looking forward to spending a few days in the company of the people who work with nonprofits, foundations, and companies advancing the idea that thinking about our challenges in innovative ways is how we will create change for the future of social justice and social good.

The opportunity to hear from people who will inspire me to think and question the “usual” ways of approaching social challenges is only beneficial if I then follow up by making a difference in the small corner of the world that belongs to me. I am looking forward to hearing from these speakers and those that I will meet through the course of the next few days. I am looking forward to how these ideas and the spirit of people engaging in the world around them in different ways will inform the work I do, my involvement in the community, and how I live my life.

I sense change in the air. It might just be ocean air here in Miami, but I think it’s change – and it’s going to be amazing.

– NJ

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