Good-bye David Letterman. Love, Me.

This New York Times​ piece outlines why I have loved David Letterman​ my whole life. He reminds me of my Dad, and in some degree of me… though I am a MUCH lesser version.

David Letterman

David Letterman

There are people who have an idea about who they are, what they are willing to compromise (or not), and whether they are willing to move past the blowback of that. Good or bad, my Dad was unapologetically true to himself most of his life: spoke his mind, held his opinions, did his best, felt politics for politics’ sake was bullshit, and let the chips fall. Good or bad, this was how I was raised to be.

I think this is what I have loved about Letterman. He’s not the funniest host all the time. He’s not going to win a Mr. Congeniality prize all the time. But: You got HIM. I suspect with him, you know where you stand. He is willing to be the 12 yo boy who loves talking to the guy who plays drums. He is curious, interested in those that are interesting and perfunctory with those who aren’t. Heaven to me.

And so, I think we lose a little joy, transparency, and heart with David Letterman retiring. It’s a tough year for an old #NerdBot broad like me … Letterman and later this year Jon Stewart.

But I want to say, to the man who will never see this: Thanks Mr. Letterman, it’s been a joy.

– Narissa

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