I dreamed my whole house was clean…

and my email in-box… and closet… and… .

It is Spring Cleaning time! Woo hoo! It is a time that fills me with hope and the opportunity for change. I get turbo-charged to clear the clutter at odd times and with odd goals. But this year, I am going to track it. Less for you, dear reader, and more to hold myself accountable.

This morning the city hauled in a truck and smashed our “bulk pickup” items – those things that have no use at your house or yard but are also not useful enough to be donated to Goodwill. But the Spring Cleaning must continue!clean-house-vintage

This year, #SpringCleaning includes:

  • Books
  • Clothes (bye-bye size 2 everything!)
  • Emails (and the corresponding subscriptions I never get around to reading!)
  • Facebook
  • Files on my computer (do I really need the notes from that one meeting at SafePlace a million years ago?)
  • Projects (if it’s not holding my attention, I’m not making progress, or I’m not needed to get it where it’s going – then why keep it on the roster?)
  • Household items (if it isn’t in use, doesn’t make me happy, or doesn’t have a home of its own – then someone else may benefit from it!)
  • Other categories to be added (I never know when the desire to clear out things may strike!)

Let the Spring Cleaning commence!

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