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On Your Mark… Get Spring… Donate!

For the last few years each Fall, things I don’t need or can’t remember the last time I used them end up in boxes in the garage – ready to be driven to Goodwill on Black Friday. The benefits of clearing space on my shelves, in my closet, or in my garage are just for me. But Goodwill helps people who are looking for jobs and every donation you make helps them do this. Spring seems like a great second chance to be a part of the goodwill of Goodwill (pun intended).Goodwill logo

The tried and true method of three boxes has worked well in my house before… and will again in April. This method allows me to put items into a series of holding patterns before they are sent off to their next life. So, get ready to Donate Stuff and Create Jobs!

1. Set up three boxes. I set up three boxes and sort everything that is up for debate into them.

  • “Donate” – Items in good useful condition that will benefit the homes and lives of whoever is lucky enough to find it at Goodwill.
  • “Need a Home” – I feel pretty sure I plan to keep these items. They just, for some reason, do not seem to have a place in the house. There is a fifty-fifty chance that I will find a place to store if, or else it goes into the Donate box.
  • “Need a Fix” – These items need to be fixed – a button sewn on, a cord re-threaded through a lamp, or some other fix that makes it useful. Whether it stays in the house or is then sent to Goodwill, is determined after the fix.

2. Go through the house fast. This part is important. Don’t over think things – otherwise you start to reminisce about the things you find. You begin to talk yourself out of getting rid of those size 2 jeans because one day you will be that small again! (Um… no you won’t.)

3. #7DaysofSpringCleaning. Seven days should be enough – whether three weekends or a week of clearing through the house each evening. Target a zone in the house and clear through your items. I like to schedule my seventh day to be the day the Donate boxes are delivered to Goodwill.

I admit that after I deliver the donations, I go into Goodwill to check out their record collections. After all, just because Goodwill lets you donate stuff to help them create jobs doesn’t mean I can’t get some for records with some amazing cover art too!

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