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April 2014 – Austin Digital Jobs Group Event List

This list is in support the Austin Digital Jobs group. If you have events that would be good for these job- and project-seekers, please message me with the details included in the listings below and a link to learn more/purchase tickets. Thanks!

If you are looking for recurring events, please visit the Almost Monthly Meetings page.

New Job

Get ready for that New Job!

April 28-30

Tuesday, April 29
OWASP Austin chapter meeting – 1130AM-1PM
Title: Covert Hacking and Application Testing with Raspberry Pi
Abstract: The $35 Raspberry Pi is a wonder device on the cheap! But the security impact of this cheap and powerful equipment with its tiny footprint is equally interesting. In this session you will learn how the Pi can be used as a covert, field-friendly hacking platform for less than $100 total. The talk will address both attack and defense scenarios against the device. We will also discuss some of the applications for Pi around application security and penetration testing. @ National Instruments

Advance Notice
Thursday, May 8
BASHH (Big Ass Social Happy Hour) – 6-1130PM
C’mon… you know this. @ The Brew Exchange

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