Coca Cola Super Bowl Ad Full of Joy

It is sad that people who claim to love our country  find something ugly in a Coca Cola Super Bowl ad in which “America the Beautiful” is sung. I woke this morning to learn there was a “Coke Controversy” – and watched the ad.

The 2014 Super Bowl ad filled me with Joy. I do not need to understand all the words as they are sung; the song is one we have in our hearts. The sound of children singing in clear and bright voices thrilled me. It’s beautifully shot – with laughing faces of people who make up the fabric of our country. It feels like the best of us – and lifted my spirits. Coca Cola’s advertising company captured the joy of what the brand Coke represents for much of the world perfectly.

In 1971 Coca Cola produced an ad that also was multi-cultural, included singing, and felt hopeful and brightly joyful. The difference is that now when people get offended by advertising that depicts different people coming together to sing a song that lifts our spirits, they have a  public platform to share their petty hate-speech.

I, for one, think the ad was a home run (yes, I know, wrong sport) for Coke. After all, without the controversy we wouldn’t be reading or talking about this ad or Coke. I’m glad I saw it – it’s beautiful and made me smile. I say: embrace the Joy to our lives. It’s more rewarding.

Coca Cola Super Bowl Ad, 2014: 

Coca Cola Ad, 1971:

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