My Thanks Giving Celebration!

Every November my favorite holiday comes around – Thanks Giving. I LOVE this holiday! Now, before anyone decides to engage in discussion of the historical realities of “Thanksgiving”, please note that my favorite holiday is Thanks Giving. I enjoy the celebration of friends and family gathering to recognize and celebrate what they have, who is part of their life, and to revel in the simple joys of good food and company.

Thanks Giving Plans
This year, I plan to celebrate Thanks Giving by giving thanks to thirty people. Each day I will send an emailed, handwritten, or social media “Thank You” to those I am thankful to have met, known, learned from, and those who have otherwise influenced my life.

Some will be people who aren’t aware of their impact on me. Letters will go to people I haven’t spoken to in a long time. Some occasions of thanks may reflect on a difficult experience, but one that taught me something critical. I will be liberal and also very intentional with my thanks. 

Join Me for Thanks Giving
If we all found one person to thank for being a part of our life – and shared why that was important – each day for thirty days, think of how much joy we could share! Give thanks to one person a day or a week – take the time to share with people why you are thankful for them.

I will build my initial list and hopefully continue to add names throughout the month. Honestly, my hope is to have so many names on the list that it takes more than the month of November to thank them all. This way, I will continue to cultivate a habit of Thanks Giving into the New Year.

Let the fun begin! Who will you thank first?

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