HAAM Benefit Day: Live music in unexpected places

HAAM Benefit Day - 9/24/13

HAAM Benefit Day – 9/24/13

Your coffee meeting, lunch with friends, and haircut on your way to picking up groceries can all help Austin area musicians today.  Today is HAAM Benefit Day – live music in unexpected places that support the musicians who live here in Austin!

Live music is not an anomaly here in Austin, but what makes today unique is the talent playing in places like the Frost Bank Tower, Whataburger, Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, and just about every Whole Foods location.  They come out to play not for tips or the usual nighttime audiences. They are out playing to help support a nonprofit that works so hard to support them.

What HAAM does for Austin musicians
The Health Alliance for Austin Musicians (HAAM) provides Austin’s low income, uninsured-working musicians with access to affordable health care – not just for the emergencies, but preventative and wellness care. Most of Austin’s working musicians are self-employed which presents challenges to securing health insurance that provides them with preventive health care to keep healthy and working – here in our city and around the country.

While we can all agree Austin’s status as a live city capital is great for the reputation of the city, it also is an important contributor to the Austin economy. The impact of the more than 9,000 working musicians to our economy includes:

  • Almost $2 billion in economic activity, more than $38 million in local tax revenue each year.
  • 18,148 jobs.
  • Tens of thousands of visitors from around the world brought annually by Austin City Limits Music Festival and South By Southwest. (Source: TXP, Inc., City of Austin, 2012)

How Austin musicians work for HAAM
Today, the musicians are joining HAAM to provide concerts throughout the city to help raise money to support the nonprofit that supports them. Some proceeds from the sales today at these locations will be donated to HAAM so they can continue to provide access to health care to our Austin musicians. Learn more about how you can be a part of the HAAM Benefit Day.

Visit one of these locations and hear some Austin music the way no tourist will – discover a new musician you may not have heard before.

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