Guinness Flips the Storyline

Finally a beer commercial I can get behind. Guinness doesn’t suggest their product will make your life better. Rather they suggest that everyday – yet amazing – people use their product. They have flipped the usual beer and liquor storyline.

There are no scantily clad women to suggest that if you drink their beer you will be surrounded by bikinis and daisy dukes. No one picks up a six pack to sit on their couch to watch sports on the television. No one orders the beer in a bar while an attractive member of the opposite sex watches them from across the room. Guinness isn’t using the beer as a statement of the consumers’ value. In fact, it’s everything that happens before the beer that is important. 

Their commercial tells the story of character. The Guinness isn’t what makes the viewer want to be similar to these men or know them. It is the story of the friendship, respect, and sportsmanship between these men that is told before a single pint of beer is poured.

Bravo Guinness!

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