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An Open Letter to BioMarin: Compassionate Use Exception of BMN673

Henry J. Fuchs, M.D.
Executive Vice President and Chief Medical Officer
BioMarin Pharmaceutical, Inc.
105 Digital Drive
Novato, CA 94949 

Re: Compassionate Use Exception of BMN673 for Andrea Sloan

Dear Dr. Fuchs,
I am requesting Andrea Sloan be granted a Compassionate Use Exception for BioMarin’s drug BMN673. She and her doctor have made the request of BioMarin and was told to seek admittance to a clinical trial for the drug. I ask that you re-review this request and take into consideration that Ms. Sloan:

  • Is working with physicians Dr. Charles Levenback, Dr. Robert Coleman, and Dr. Jenifer Wheler – experts in the treatment of ovarian cancer. They have determined BMN673 is her only remaining treatment option.
  • Is an excellent candidate for treatment with BMN673 – as determined by her physicians.
  • Received the FDA’s verbal approval for “compassionate use exception” pending BioMarin’s consent.
  • Is a patient at MD Anderson Cancer Center where a clinical trial for BMN673 is currently being conducted – but they are not enrolling patients in the ovarian cancer arm of that trial.
  • Is applying for IRB approval from MD Anderson. 

I understand there are concerns and constraints when determining who you should grant compassionate use of experimental drugs. Andrea is an extremely bright attorney working with amazing doctors and has a complete understanding of the risks of BMN673 and a willingness to take on those risks. 

Ms. Sloan is a remarkable person who has spent the last eight years as the executive director of the Texas Advocacy Project. The Project is a nonprofit organization providing free legal services to survivors of domestic violence, sexual violence, and stalking. During most of this time, Andrea has also been fighting ovarian cancer. Through her leadership The Project provides families access to resources to protect themselves; empowering them to live without fear – with compassion. We are asking you to offer Andrea the same thing.

This is an opportunity to make a statement about BioMarin’s corporate values and commitment to the people you seek to help with your research. Please consider this opportunity to save Andrea’s life.

Best regards,
Narissa Johnson

Petition: BioMarin Pharmaceuticals: Allow Andrea Sloan to take their experimental drug, BMN673.

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