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The Art of Storytelling & Cause-Driven Films

One of the most compelling ways to tell a story to an audience is through video. And Lights. Camera. Help. hosts an annual film festival – an opportunity for nonprofits and filmmakers to share their cause-related collaboration with an audience outside their own.

According Razoo CEO Lesley Mansford, fundraisers with videos typically raise four times as much money. This isn’t news for those who have tried various techniques. It’s about storytelling – tell the story better and you connect with your audience. That connection can garner immense support – no matter how you define “support”.

I was lucky enough to be a judge at this year’s Lights. Camera. Help. Annual Film Festival – which meant I had the opportunity to watch nine micro-documentaries, six short films, and three feature films. It was an amazing to see some incredibly moving work.

While the Festival names winners – I would like to thank all the organizations and filmmakers for their work in the communities around the world. I’d also like to thank Lights. Camera. Help for providing another venue to bring these films to an audience. Check out the Festival winners and a few of my other favorites too.

2013 Lights. Camera. Help. Cause-Driven Film Festival Winners:

  • The Women of Nyamonge Present: Netball (Best Micro-Documentary)

  • Austin Children’s Shelter: Transforming Lives (Best Short Film)

  • A Film About Kids and Music: The Sant Andreu Jazz Band (Best Feature)

A few of my other favorites:

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