Yoga In The Park – (Almost) 108 Sun Salutations

A few weeks ago, to celebrate the start of Spring, a small group came together to complete 108 Sun Salutations at Zilker Park. I had every expectation I would have to give up and not complete the full set. Unlike Megan, who had alerted me to this incredible experience, I wasn’t in the midst of completing 40 days of yoga. Rather, it had been more than a year since I’d practiced; I assumed my body would be screaming at me by the time I completed the 30th sun salutation.

We met under the shade tree across from the front of Barton Springs Pool … with the exception that there was no shade. This was not a problem that day, the day was slightly overcast with a nice breeze – in a word: perfect. Starting out with the first sun salutation my fear of feeling awkward because I had forgotten how to move with my breath melted away. Dare I suggest we change the phrase from “it’s like riding a bike” to “it’s like moving with your breath in the quietude of a sun salutation”? It was amazing to begin to move through my breath and to be reminded of the possibility of grace. I had forgotten the strength of my own body – but was quickly reminded. What I found interesting was the difference in my strength from the first couple time I went through vinyasa versus the subsequent ones. I was reminded how much stronger I used to be within the first dozen sun salutations.

Downward Dog in the Park

Downward Dog in the Park

When we had completed 54 of the sun salutations I was exhilarated that I hadn’t stopped and still felt strong and sure I could complete the whole 108. But after about ten more, I stopped in the midst of a salutation to drink some water and, well, fix my hair (though to be fair, by “fix my hair” I mean pull it all back into a ponytail) before slipping into the next salutation. It was a quiet day and I closed my eyes, moved with the breeze, and I swear my mind quieted; for a few salutations at least.

As our guide lay lavender scented masks over our eyes for Shavasana, the sun decided to peek out at us. Laying there listening to the leaves rustle in the breeze I felt my body relax and melt into the earth; it an amazing grounding moment. I loved celebrating the start of Spring by being reminded how peaceful and full of joy my life is. For me to be in nature feeling my mind quiet enough to connect with the flow of the breeze, my breath, and my body was a great way to be reminded of the simple joy my life is.

~ NJ

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