Difficult Decisions: It’s Time to Step Up

Today United Way for Great Austin informed 21 non-profit organizations they were pulling funding, starting July 1, 2012. These funding cuts were a reflection of the reduction of funding to UWATX’s campaigns. You can read more detail here on UWATX’s blog.

These cuts, news of which leaked via one agency taking matters into their own hands this evening, impacts agencies with both small and larger budgets, but one thing is consistent: UWATX is seeing a drop in donations and so are these agencies. So I start with a call to action: Find the organizations that you care about and make a gift. No matter how small your gift has an impact.

I understand that decisions to defund nonprofit partners isn’t an easy one. It is not something anyone or any organization wants to face – much less have to do. There is certain to be some debate about today’s decisions, but the important thing to remember is we are all here to better our community.

The role UWATX plays in the community is an important one: they make giving accessible and support programs that make our community stronger. When facing hard times, hard decisions must be made.

What will be interesting to see is which of these non-profit organizations leverage this high profile opportunity best to capture the public’s eye and their donation dollars to make up some of the shortfall.

AIDS Services of Austin
Austin Groups for the Elderly
Any Baby Can
Bastrop County Food Pantry
BiG Austin
Capital IDEA
Care Communities
Family Eldercare
Foundation Communities
Manos De Cristo
Meals on Wheels and More
People’s Community Clinic
Project Transitions
Salvation Army
Volunteer Healthcare Clinic
Williamson Burnet County Opportunities


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