Austin’s Restaurant Week: #CauseyEating at Asti

We are in the midst of Austin’s Restaurant Week – and today I dove in with gusto! Earlier this year, Jodi Bart with Tasty Touring posted her Best Italian Restaurants picks, and Asti was on the list. She included a photo and rave about the Spaghetti Carbonara that made me drool. So when Restaurant Week started, I jumped!

For Restaurant Week, there is a three-course offering for dinner for $36. I got a meal that seduced and delighted me. I went with a new friend – someone I wanted to get to know better. I felt it was fitting given I also wanted to know the restaurant better.

My meal:

PEI Mussels

Asti's PEI Mussels

PEI Mussels– tomato / garlic / chili flake / white wine / grilled bread.
When they say “garlic” they mean thick shavings of heaven.

Market Vegetable Risotto – pecorino / roasted shallot / thyme
I wanted to eat it all, but could not; I suspected I would need to hide it when I got home. If you have not had a roasted shallot, I suggest you have one or five. I am going to try to make this at home; it was delectable.

Tiramisu – almond brittle / chocolate sauce
Honestly I could have done without the chocolate sauce, but it made the plate pretty and anchored the fluffy Tiramisu. I will say the almond brittle made the dessert though. The texture of the brittle and the gentle sweetness of the Tiramisu were perfect. Though, I could eat a bowlful of the brittle and not be remorseful about missing the Tiramisu at all.

#CauseyEating means that Austin’s Restaurant Week has a GivingCity bend to it as well.

However, I wish the manner in which the beneficiary was supported had been better highlighted on the webpage. The 2012 Austin Restaurant Week was for the benefit of Meal on Wheels and More – but in order to benefit them, I needed to make my reservation a specific way. I assumed that a percentage of the receipts for the prix-fixe menu sales would go to the NPO. However, this evening, as I write this, I discovered text buried in a paragraph that says: “Each reservation through our site or the ARW app will result in a donation to our non-profit beneficiary, Meals on Wheels and More!”

Navigation leads me through too many pages to keep me on board in terms of making a reservation through their site – and it’s unclear whether or not if I bypass them and go straight to Open Table if Meals on Wheels still benefits. Either way, I love that Meals on Wheels and More gets to be a part of the week!

Looking forward to the next great meal I have – which will likely be the poached eggs I put on top of the leftover risotto tomorrow morning!

One comment

  1. So glad you enjoyed it, Narissa! Also, I agree that the hazy wording around how much MOW will receive from Austin Restaurant Week seems kind of shady.

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