Gourdough’s – For A Late Night And Into The AM For Breakfast

I love a good dessert, despite my proclivity to not really enjoying things that are very sweet. Gourdough’s buries their doughnut in whatever toppings you choose… but in the middle of the night after a night of drinks and laughter, this can be the perfect way to end the evening.

 gourdough donuts

Gourdough’s Trailer

The doughnut itself is delicious… crisp on the edges (when you find an un-smothered edge) and with a yeasty doughiness. I’ve had a few; I haven’t ordered the same one twice and there are plenty of options to satisfy your flavor craving. I confess to eating the second half of a doughnut that had been covered in maple glaze and wrapped with bacon late one night, when there were no witnesses. (I did later confess to this devouring to the bacon-delight of a friend of mine.)

However, I can’t eat a whole one at one sitting! Which is terrifying… I couldn’t believe it when I had to tap out the first time! And if you have eaten with me, you know I can eat! I am a flavor eater, and when it is delectable enough, I can eat until it is gone. It broke my heart that I couldn’t finish it. Though we didn’t eat it at the actual trailer – we took it home to eat and I suspect I would have eaten the whole thing if I had been at the trailer without the option of wrapping it back up and slipping it into the fridge as a delicious promise of a treat for breakfast. It’s amazing for b’fast with a side of scrambled eggs – you can’t ask for a more decadent start to the day.

Wait. Are they open for b’fast?

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