Chicken Shit Bingo, It’s Shittastic!

A friend and I met on a Sunday afternoon at Ginny’s Saloon, grabbed a beer and sat in the parking lot to talk about life, watch people and old cars go by, and listen to the sounds of Dale Watson float out from the packed interior of the bar.

But the reason we chose Ginny’s Saloon was for the Chicken Shit Bingo. If you have not gone, I suggest going – it’s pretty simple and delightful at the same time:

  • There is a bingo board.
  • With chickens.
  • That shit on the bingo board.

I mean, who thinks of this kind of thing? And more importantly, why wasn’t I the one who thought of it first?

chicken shit

Everyone needs to be thinking 19 or 38

Before I went, I had this vision of there being more… well, #2. But the chicken actually shits a small amount. Making the bingo part much easier, very little ambiguity. We were allowed to buy two tickets per game – though we don’t get to choose our numbers (which I don’t like – not that I have control issues at all). Two chickens in the cage + two possible numbers suggested very good odds.

The two chickens that night seemed to have their own personalities. In fact, it almost seemed they were taunting me… hanging out by my friend’s number and toying with me by stepping close to my numbers and then returning to his number. Sadly despite even someone else giving me their number (so I had a total of three potential winning squares), I didn’t win. I was tempted to roast a chicken that week just for payback.

It is definitely something you should see, it is one of those simple pleasures that remind you to find the myriad of ways to have fun in life. You should go – grab a beer, hang out to listen to the band, and be taunted by a chicken.


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